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Inactivity and free sprites

2016-04-09 21:46:23 by TheEB

So obviously Im not on newgrounds anymore. Im about to go off to college and attempt to persue a career in game development. Hopefully you'll see some of my level design pop up in CS:GO operations soon.

I've started about 30 projects and finished just about 0. I dissapointed a lot of people and pissed off quite a few members of the "madness community". Especially the ones I became close with. I dont enjoy animation anymore and Im not really interested in continuing. Its just not my thing. And Im done with NG. Its kind of boring tbh.

So anyways the sprites everyone wanted from me are going to be posted in about a week or so. Everything I created from the moment I made this account up until today. I spent hours of my life making them and they've never actually been used. So Im going to give them away. In like a week or two. I need to find them first.

Animation project update thing

2014-10-05 01:21:44 by TheEB

My entire animation has been planned out. All of the choreography and all of the parts of the story have been put together. Now I just have to make it.

Ive come up with a plot that in my opinion is easy to follow. No overcomplicated long story and none of that excessive text in the beginning. I've done a ton of research on camera angles, storytelling and focal points in animation so hopefully it won't end up looking like madness 5.5 (hard to focus on two different battles at once).

Ive also been re drawing all of my guns so the style is more consistent. The old guns were sloppy and they just sucked.


Also I might be working on a project with Cethic or sumthin idk