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Releqium: Demon Pursuit Releqium: Demon Pursuit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is pretty fun but there is one major problem. The enemies all come at the player at once. There is no ease in to the combat or anything like that. All of the enemies all just come out at once and it makes the game very difficult. Aside from that the game is great. The melee and long range attacks both seem pretty balanced. I never seem to be using one attack more than the other. The levels and the enemies worked well together and created some interesting challenges. Over all the game is a lot of fun!

kkots responds:

Thanks for the review! I understand you would like to beat the enemies one by one.
I will give you a tip if you still wish to play: if you attack while jumping, you will be able to simultaneously deal damage and avoid damage.
Use jump-attack to your advantage.
Tyler also shoots much faster if you shoot while jumping.
So to defeat many enemies, simply jump and attack constantly.